Good girls go to heaven, wild flowers go wherever they damn like…

Everything you need to know for your city trip to Barcelona this summer + VIDEO
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 Barcelona, the city that never sleeps but sometimes passes out… Once you inhaled the positive vibes of Barcelona, you have … Read More

23 things i learned in 23 years
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  After traveling the world, doing million of things at the same and meeting people from everywhere, I gained some life … Read More

5 ways to explore a destination and be fit at the same time
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There are so many fun ways to explore a place or city and to be fit at the same time. … Read More

A guide to healthy food in Barcelona
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Are you a food lover? Then you will like my list of healthy food in Barcelona. In the city of Spanish … Read More

5 reasons why you gain weight while traveling or living abroad
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Bad news, you will probably gain weight while traveling or living abroad. There are so many more seductions and they are hard … Read More

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